Finally! Professional development for mortgage brokers... done right.

The secret to becoming a top broker and building a sustainable high-performing mortgage business... is not about how many strategies you learn and how hard you work... it's about learning the right strategies and implementing them at the right time.

  • CONNECT is a professional development membership, exclusive to mortgage brokers.
  • CONNECT is built from proven resources brokers use to 2x, 3x or even 10x their results.
  • CONNECT is focused on best-practice business growth strategies, not loan writing.
  • CONNECT is the place to learn and get smarter, with no sponsors or product pitches.
  • CONNECT is open to all mortgage brokers in Australia and New Zealand.

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Why all brokers need CONNECT.

(to solve this big problem)

"Why should I join another industry membership, when I'm already a member of an industry association, have an aggregator, and get invited to 1001 events, conferences, webinars and more... often for FREE!?"

Very good question...

The big problem is OVERWHELM.

There's just too much out there. Too many "good ideas". Too many tips, strategies and 'experts' giving you advice.

Think about it...

  • How are you supposed to know what to do and what not to do?
  • How can you successfully implement what you see others doing?
  • How do you know what order (and when) is best to take action?
  • How can you tell if the advice you're getting is good or bad?
  • How are you going to stay on track and held accountable to taking action and getting results?

This is why CONNECT exists.

Because all ideas are not created equal, not by a long shot. In fact, we know without a doubt that you do not need more ideas.

You need the right ideas, linked to a proven, actionable plan... that works.

Inside CONNECT, we give you access to key resources that are clear and actionable, and all based on our proven Mortgage Business Blueprint.

These are the same resources our ACCELERATE and 10X members are using to double, triple and 10X their commissions... in record time... while building a business that works with or without them.

The secret is not how many ideas you learn and how many strategies you implement... it's about learning the right strategies and implementing them at the right time.

That's the difference between brokers who are getting ahead... and those stuck spinning their wheels.

See how CONNECT can help you grow...

Helping brokers since 2008.

  • AWARD WINNING support and training for brokers.
  • BILLIONS added to broker books in Australia and NZ.
  • 50+ BROKERS @ $100M+ run-rate and growing.
  • APPROVED by MFAA and FBAA for CPD Hours.
  • 100% BUILT by and for mortgage brokers.
  • THOUSANDS of hours coaching and training.

What our members say about us.

(we have dozens of these)

Nicole Cannon

Sydney, Australia

A broker for 19 years, Nicole was stuck and unable to propel her business forward. We helped her identify roadblocks and implement systems and team to solve them, within 9 months she was lodging $10M+ each month.

Ryan Baddock

Toowoomba, Australia

Ryan was following the same pattern of working hard for inconsistent results year after year. We supported Ryan in building a genuine business with consistent and diverse lead flow, robust workflows and processes, and effective HR systems.

Ben White

Sydney, Australia

Since working with us in 2019, Ben has implemented systems, technology, staffing, and processes, growing his business year-on-year by 60%, 110%, and then 180%. His business is now more bulletproof, able to handle growth, as well as providing a 6-star performance to clients.

What you get inside CONNECT.

(is worth 100X the price)

Having coached and worked with mortgage brokers since 2008, we've developed a professional business development membership leveraging three key elements that drive action and results:

Learning + Events + Community

That's why your CONNECT Membership gives you exclusive access to the essential content and events members in our ACCELERATE and 10X programs use to get amazing results, and connects you with a community of like-minded brokers.

Most importantly... CONNECT isn’t just a bunch of good ideas or disjointed theories - it provides you with a proven set of tools, training and resources linked to a plan that actually works.

When you join CONNECT:

  • You'll join live online workshops to learn from the best advisers, coaches and brokers in Australia and New Zealand.
  • You'll hang out in our online community of positive, ambitious brokers like you (no whinging allowed!).
  • You'll talk to a real person about your goals and get on track to make them happen.

In short, what we do works. We've got your back. Let's make BIG things happen for you and your business.

Learn more about each of these key elements inside CONNECT...

You'll get access to:

  • CONNECT Learning

The CONNECT Online Portal is available 24/7/365 on demand.

Unlock our industry leading strategies through step-by-step video training. Plus access the scripts, templates and checklists you need so you can bypass the trial and error and get results faster.

If you’re struggling with lead flow...

...our expert positioning, marketing and key partnerships strategies may be where you place your focus.

If you’re overwhelmed with demand...

...our smarter systems and team building strategies may be the missing piece of the puzzle. 

These are the resources you can constantly refer to in order to accelerate any area of your mortgage business. Check out all nine accelerators in our Mortgage Business Blueprint.

And most importantly…

What we do works.

Here's a small sample of some of the resources you'll get inside the CONNECT Online Portal.

Inside the Online Portal.

(access all these and more)

You'll also get access to:

  • CONNECT Events

Your CONNECT Membership gives you exclusive access to both our member-only CONNECT Days and BIG Events.

These are not like any other industry events.

We do not have any sponsors, lenders, suppliers or product pitches.

We develop and deliver the best content and training in the industry. We interview top performers in a way that extracts pure gold. The entire focus is providing you with the insights and strategies you need to immediately improve your business. You’ll leave inspired, and with actionable strategies you can take away and implement immediately.

Here's what you can expect from our events:


Held live online nine times a year, these half-day sessions are where we release our latest content workshops, extract best-practice from a top performing member, and facilitate small group mastermind sessions.

At our CONNECT Days:

  • You'll learn smarter ideas and be challenged in new ways during our Workshops.
  • You'll hear from successful members, getting a peak behind the curtain of their business during Spotlights.
  • You'll meet, learn, and share with other members of the community in our exclusive Mastermind sessions.

You can see what's coming up at the next CONNECT Day here.

BIG Events

Held live-in-person twice a year. With strategic sessions, actionable tactics, keynotes, masterminds and social events, these 2-day events are legendary and considered by many to be the best events in the mortgage industry.

Attending BIG Events:

  • Our 10X and ACCELERATE members receive tickets to attend these events automatically.
  • For CONNECT members, we offer a limited number of tickets to attend live-in-person, for an additional fee.
  • All CONNECT members can view and participate in the online live-stream of these events.

You can see what's coming up at the next BIG Event here.

Sample of event content.

(our interviews are gold)

You'll also be invited into the:

  • CONNECT Community

At Broker Ideas Group, we value relationships as well as results. A large part of what makes what we do so special, are the member communities that we build.

You don't have to go it alone.

As a CONNECT Member, you'll have access to our CONNECT Facebook Group. This is an exclusive members-only community of mortgage brokers from Australia and New Zealand. You'll get input, ideas, guidance, motivation and insights from other brokers just like you.

Our communities are:

  • Positive
  • Supportive
  • Engaged
  • & most importantly, they're helpful.

Truth is, there’s nothing that comes close to the CONNECT Community.

Come join us and see for yourself!

Our communities rock.

(we'd love you to join us)

Some more member feedback.

(from brokers like you)

Mark Kevin

Sydney, Australia

Mark has built his business from $1-2M per month to $100M in the first full financial year. The value he gets from the coaching, the community and professional development is second-to-none and we will be a long term partner for his continue business growth and success.

Tim Cavanagh

Perth, Australia

Tim and his business partner went from struggling to make their business plans happen, to building an efficient and automated process, clear roles for their growing team and a strong customer proposition. Achieving an 3x increase in their results in 18-months, they are now ready to scale significantly.

Corey Goldby

New South Wales, Australia

Corey wasn't writing enough to support his family and he struggled with visibility of workflows in his business. The business model and systems he installed have taken him from $1.5-$2M per month, to $10M+ per month with far less reliance on him.

Does this sound like you?

(six common traps)

1) You're wearing too many hats.

Building a business is complex. There are a lot of moving parts, and it often feels like you have to be a specialist in multiple different areas to make it work. Your skill-sets are in mortgage broking, you're not a marketing guru, IT professional, HR executive, or any of the other roles and skill-sets needed to build a successful business.

2) You're investing time with little return.

You're ticking off your CPD requirements, investing time (& money) in professional development courses, training, and seminars. Yet you don't feel like you're seeing a lot of improvement or results. It's a lot of great theory, but often you're left to figure out the tangible implementation on your own.

3) You've forgotten why you started.

You're showing up every day and just getting the job done. If you keep working harder, it will get better... right? You've lost that connection with why you became a mortgage broker in the first place. You've lost that fire-in-the-belly drive for why you do what you do, and it's become just another job.

4) Your growth has stalled.

When you started your mortgage broking journey, it felt like you were learning every single day. When you looked back, you could see how far you'd come. That learning and development has started to stall (or stopped completely) and your personal and business growth has stopped too.

5) You feel alone.

It feels like it's you against the world. Outside of your own personal networks, there's limited to no support from people who understand what you're going through. You have industry contacts, and a professional network, but not a supportive, positive community of like-minded brokers.

6) You're ambitious and want more.

You want to be the best version of yourself. You want to build a real, professional career for yourself, and a serious business. You know there are strategies that do work and get results, a smarter way... and you're ready to use every edge available to your advantage.

If any of that sounds like you... here’s the good news.

You are not alone.

In fact 99% of mortgage brokers are in the same boat. But you have a choice. You can either stay there with them... and have the same-old conversations at PD days or industry events... or you can break free of all this starting now.

By joining the CONNECT Membership, you will get access to some of the industries best tools, training, and templates and join a supportive community.

One easy decision today can put you back on the right track (the fast-track) to that next level of business and lifestyle success.

Let's get started...

It's time you join CONNECT.

(it's 100% risk free)


  • Read the Member Benefits, Member Fees and Member Terms below.
  • Complete the Secure Order Form on this page, making sure your details are correct.
  • After payment, fill in our short Questionnaire and book your one-on-one Growth Plan Session.

If you have questions or need a hand please call Broker Ideas Group on +61 3 8362 3357 or book a chat with our Growth Coach team.


  • 12-months of full access to CONNECT.
  • Access to our live online CONNECT Days, held 9 x per year.
  • Access to the live-stream of our 2-day BIG Events, held 2 x per year.
  • Access to over 100 broker-specific resources via the Online Portal, available on demand 24/7/365 .
  • One-on-one Growth Plan Session to get you clear on your goals, focussed and on the right track.
  • Invitation to the members only Facebook Community: to share, discuss and stay motivated.
  • Accountability from Winston the Virtual Coach, to remind and push you in the right direction.
  • CPD Hours approved by MFAA and FBAA.
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEE: You are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee for a full 12 months. We know this is the #1 broker business education solution in the industry and easily worth ten times the membership fee. If at any stage you disagree, just let us know and we'll refund your money. That's how confident we are that you'll love it, value it, and rave about it for years to come.


CONNECT Membership for 12 months is just one easy payment of $550 AUD.


  • CONNECT is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Membership fees are paid upfront and in full for the 12 months. Fees include GST in Australia.
  • Memberships renew annually at $550 AUD. We will remind you 1 month prior. To cancel, email us at least 10 days prior to your renewal.
  • Membership is subject to the Broker Ideas Group Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


  • Your card details will be encrypted and processed by Stripe. Learn how Stripe handles security here.
  • Broker Ideas Group cannot see and does not keep your card information at all.
  • All memberships are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee for a full 12 months.

Once payment is complete, you will receive emails with Welcome Instructions and your Login for the Online Portal in the next 5 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

(and all the answers)

I want to become a member, where do I start?

Yes! Congratulations. Click on any of the buttons on this page, fill out your details, make your payment and voila, you're in! You'll receive an email with your login information to the CONNECT Online Portal. You'll also book a growth plan session with our Growth Coaches who will determine the right Blueprint and action plan for you. You'll then receive your personalised growth plan directly to your inbox.

I'm just starting out will this work for me?

Absolutely! If you're just starting out and you want to establish key partnerships so you can build a consistent pipeline and receive at least 1 new referral per week - this is for you! Not only will you learn the proven method for securing 3 key partners within 30 days, you'll also learn how to position yourself as a Trusted Advisor and develop your Expert Authority. You'll hit the ground running, knowing what works and get results faster than if you were going it alone.  

How much time do I need to dedicate to this to actually get results?

That's the beauty of CONNECT, it's self paced! In saying that, on average our members dedicate about 4 hours per week to review the relevant training and take the action required to get results.

What if I've been in the industry for years?

If you've been in this game for a while and your business isn't running the way you want it to - it's ok. You're not alone. We work with brokers who have been in business 20+ years and when installing our scale strategies have revolutionised their businesses and got their time back in a way they never thought possible. Go from overworked and overwhelmed to savvy and systemised.

Does the membership auto-renew?

Yes. CONNECT is due to auto-renew every 12 months. You'll receive a renewal reminder prior to your renewal date to keep you informed.

What if I want to cancel? Is there a contract?

When you purchase, you have access to CONNECT for 12 months. If you'd like to cancel at any time, please email  

What if I have more questions?

Happy to answer any questions you have. You can email us at or you can book a chat in our online calendar: Let's Talk  

Connect with brokers like this.

(and learn from them)

Sanket Patel

Melbourne, Australia

We provided Sanket with the coaching, support and resources to establish his team roles and systems, so he can focus on client acquisition and business growth. His revenue is now consistently growing, and he is working towards an end-to-end fully online client process.

Gayle Stapleton

Brisbane, Australia

Gayle wanted to scale her business and with our help has grown her volume 40% this year. The more she utilises the support and resources, the more value she gets. Gayle particularly loves being part of the broker community.

Parth Shah

Melbourne, Australia

Within 9 months of starting work with us, Parth increased volume 200% and cut work hours 25%. With a clear process and support he now writes $15M+ a month and has a solid plan to continue growth. UPDATE Parth is now an MPA Top 100 Broker!

Mortgage Business Blueprint

(our proven success plan)

Accelerator #1

How to become an in-demand Expert Authority in a niche market

Get ready to discover how to avoid being a plain vanilla generalist, and stand out like a red rose in a field of daisies, so (in a marketplace flooded with competition) prospects chase you, instead of you chasing them. Including...

  • The single biggest mistake mortgage brokers make when positioning their business 
  • How to avoid the wrong type of clients (who aren’t a good fit for your skillset or personality)
  • Step-by-step directions on exactly what to do to become “sought after” 
  • Best way to cookie cutter your offering so you deliver a superior service to your clients (and can help more people with less effort)
  • The ‘green zone’ technique for dominating your niche (by understanding your target market inside out, in order to connect with them at a far deeper level than your competition)

Accelerator #2

How to generate quality leads each week, without paying a fortune

Get ready to discover how to generate a steady stream of leads and multiply every dollar you insert into your marketing system week in and week out, including… 

  • The 3 step MTAW model for creating offers and messages your niche finds it impossible to ignore
  • The art and science of becoming “the broker of choice” at the moment your prospect is ready to make a decision (most brokers overlook this, and it’s perhaps the single biggest reason why they struggle)
  • 2 critical offers every mortgage broker should have (this will make you appeal to everyone in your target market, and ensure no opportunity slips through your fingers) 
  • The 1 & 2 step funnels for getting prospects to book calls directly into your calendar (including the 4 step ‘fame’ model for building an incredible ‘magnet’)

Accelerator #3

How to quickly double or triple the number of referrals you receive

Key partnerships are an underrated strategy that allow you to double, triple or quadruple the number of high quality leads dropping into your pipeline, while offering an integrated solution. 

Here’s what you’re going to discover… 

  • 3 reasons brokers struggle to get referrals (and end up randomly wasting time via a scattergun approach, almost hopelessly shooting into the distance)
  • The 5 step process for having a regular flow of referred leads hitting your inbox & voice mail every month (make no mistake, it can happen fast - even if you’re starting from zero)
  • How to find like-minded referral partners, whose company you enjoy (including what you must do to avoid being ‘friend zoned’, so these relationships impact your bottom line)
  • The best way to “lock in” your key partnerships, so they deliver leads to you over the LONG TERM

Accelerator #4

The anti-sales process that creates loyal clients for life

Old school methodologies repel potential clients, however this “anti-sales process” creates clients for life. Get ready to discover my 3 part model and framework including... 

  • The worst mistake you can make in the sales process (you‘ll become instantly disposable, and on a race to the bottom) 
  • Do you hate chasing, networking, impressing and negotiating? This “King of the Hill” strategy makes them unnecessary, and eliminates virtually all your competition 
  • Build tighter relationships with your key partners (by doing this one simple thing in your sales process) 
  • 4 areas you must help your clients with to create clients for life (who refer their friends and family to you)
  • The triage framework for maximising the conversion rate of each inquiry (while minimising the time you spend on the phone / zoom - including the exact scripts you need to close a far higher percentage of deals)

Accelerator #5

How to convert random interest into a ‘Raving Fan’ community

This 4-part model allows you to systematically leverage a one to many process to become a trusted advisor to thousands. Here’s what you’ll discover... 

  • The 3 biggest mistakes mortgage brokers make when speaking to their community (easy to fix, once you know what they are)
  • A 4 part “Herd Model” for turning random interest into high quality clients who stay with you over the long term - referring you to their friends and family
  • A simple framework which allows you to consistently put a clear message out of the Marketplace (everyone wants to put you in a box, this allows you to beat them to it - and ensure you’re remembered in the right way)
  • The step-by-step flagship email template which turns ‘random interest’ prospects into raving fans who see you as their only solution
  • Add these 4 simple bullet points at the end of each email (to effortlessly generate more high quality appointments and referrals every time you hit send)

Accelerator #6

Boost local area visibility, without a big advertising budget

If you can’t be found, people won’t know about you (and therefore, you don’t exist in their eyes). Yet how can you compete against banks, lenders and larger brokerage firms with million dollar marketing budgets?

In this module you’ll discover exactly how to elevate your visibility in the local area, without breaking the bank. Including… 

  • The “webinar leverage” method for influencing a large group of potential clients at the same time   
  • Single best strategy (and the correct settings to use) to set up your personal Linkedin profile and company page
  • How to get thousands of people to know, like and trust you - even if you’ve never met them
  • The 3 most important places to be seen online (the majority of brokers are completely oblivious to many of these)
  • The 4-step message you MUST deliver on your website and social profiles

Accelerator #7

How to build a well-oiled team that can handle $100M+ a year

A larger brokerage means more stress, right?

Not if you know the ‘conveyor belt’ and ‘pod’ methods, which allow you to achieve more and do less.  

Truth is, going from 0 to $100 million as a mortgage business requires just 5 key team members. And in this module, you’ll discover exactly who they are, including… 

  • 2 methods which allow you to handle an unlimited capacity of deals, without having to do the work yourself (this is the #1 key to scaling your brokerage, while lowering your stress)
  • How to quickly tell where you need to add and tweak resources to grow your business
  • Best way to hire the perfect mortgage broker to take your business to the next level (hint: it depends on your model, and not all brokers are created equal)
  • The exact questions to answer to develop team KPI’s (so you know everyone is performing at the standards required for growth)
  • A 4 step system for attracting and hiring A-listers for your team (including the pre-work you must do to attract the right candidate, and a 90 day onboarding plan for providing new team members with a “wow” experience)
  • The 7-step performance review framework for creating team cohesion and momentum (and boosting everyone’s performance and happiness at work)

Accelerator #8

How to systemise and automate your business, so it's hands-off

This is the “keystone” which allows you to expand your brokerage without constantly forgetting things, or needing to put fires out. 

Here’s what you’ll discover… 

  • The #1 reason brokers don’t create systems (and how to fix this problem within 60 minutes, and instantly get an edge over your competitors)
  • The 3 biggest challenges mortgage brokers face when creating systems (and how to quickly kick them to the curb)
  • The ‘bottom up’ technique for creating systems fast (hint: it makes the entire process easy, fast and achievable, and you won’t get paralysed by the overwhelm and do nothing) 
  • A simple way to free up your ‘brain power’ so you can maximise efficiencies, while reducing stress levels

Accelerator #9

How to achieve scalable growth without neglecting your family

Without the right metrics and boundaries in place, you can easily end up working too hard for too little - which eventually takes a tremendous toll on your family life. 

Get ready to discover how to grow the ideal mortgage business with certainty, which can even run without you. Including...

  • 9 “predictable growth” metrics to measure monthly (this is what the most successful mortgage brokers doing $100m+ per year, live and breathe!)
  • Exactly how to set clear expectations with clients (so they get precisely what they want, without compromising your boundaries)
  • Without mastering this, being great at sales can send you driving into a brick wall (it’s only a matter of time before it blows up in your face, which is why these are the two most important words in business)
  • How to minimise the disruption from incoming phone calls, without losing sales (so you can maximise productivity, switch off, and separate work and business)

Clearly... what we do works.

(see for yourself)

Nadia Davison

Melbourne, Australia

We gave Nadia the structure and support she needed to get out of her comfort zone, build momentum and consistently work ON her business. She established two strong referral partnerships and now has confidence in and appreciation of the true value she provides - both to her partners and clients.

Nicole Kennedy

WA, Australia

We helped Nicole move from overwhelm to setting her business up for 3-month off each year, writing $6-7M per month. She loves bouncing ideas and appreciates the tailored support to build her ideal business.

Giorgio Stefanatos

Melbourne, Australia

Georgio was a solo operator writing less than $2M per month with no support - but he knew he needed help. With our help, in just over 12-months he brought on two support staff and systemised his whole process. Georgio is now freed up to focus on business growth and wrote $13M in the last two months.