Sustainable Capacity Calculator

Unlock your true loan writing capacity... and discover the secret to a sustainable, future-proof business... with you 100% in control.

Download our custom-built Excel Spreadsheet and watch the included training to play along and calculate your sustainable capacity.


You will learn.

  • Exactly how much TIME and SUPPORT you really need to write the loan volume you want... while still running the business... and be in total control.
  • Best-practice benchmarks for loan writing capacity, taking into account everything you need to do outside of writing loans.
  • The link between saying YES and the real work required... and how to prevent "file build-up" keeping you awake at night, working overtime.
  • Why the Fluff Factor is a crucial number in business. This is why most brokers constantly chase their tail, never getting all the work done.
  • Why brokers who fail to understand this... will lose control, make mistakes, burn out, let down clients and lose referral partners... guaranteed.

About the creators.

Broker Ideas Group was established in 2008 by industry stalwart, James Veigli. Today we are an award winning team supporting and leading the professional development and business growth of mortgage brokers across Australia and New Zealand.

From start-ups to top-performers, we help mortgage brokers grow their businesses easier and faster using our proven methods... based on decades of industry experience, thousands of coaching hours, and data driven best practice. In short: we've been there and done that. We get results.

It's your turn to go BIG!

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