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The Busy Fix

Get your Mortgage Business (and time) under control... So you can write more loans with less effort, and no stress.

Watch our free Workshop 'The Busy Fix' so you can start growing easier and faster, just like our clients do.


You will learn.

  • The hidden reason why your mortgage business and time is out of control. Hint: it's not because you're in-demand, and it's not because you don't have the systems or team to support you.
  • How much time and money you are currently missing out on... with a real case study example. FYI: it's likely $25k-$100k per month and over 20% of your time!
  • The 1 obvious (and 2 obscure) steps to avoid burnout. Most brokers totally miss the 2 obscure steps... which is why their business consumes their time and life.
  • Why most mortgage brokers can't bring themselves to do "THIS" (they are told not to!)... and why it's preventing them from growing their business by a factor of 2-10X.
  • How to finally turn pro and leave the amateurs behind... as you build a mortgage business that runs with or without you.

About the creators.

Broker Ideas Group was established in 2008 by industry stalwart, James Veigli. Today we are an award winning team supporting and leading the professional development and business growth of mortgage brokers across Australia and New Zealand.

From start-ups to top-performers, we help mortgage brokers grow their businesses easier and faster using our proven methods... based on decades of industry experience, thousands of coaching hours, and data driven best practice. In short: we've been there and done that. We get results.

It's your turn to go BIG!

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